David Guetta Listen Tour

If there is one thing that is totally undeniable, is that David Guetta is one of the main figures in EDM today. The French-man is the most recognized DJ within the international electronic scene and as a pioneer, has most contributed to the expansion of the genre from all corners of the globe. Throughout his time in the industry he has accumulated millions of followers, all current prominent artists want to work with him and there is no party, club or festival that has not counted on his presence at least once.

Expansive has had the opportunity to work with David Guetta on numerous occasions in the recent decade. We have been in charge of developing his promotional campaigns and setting up press release cabinets. In particular we refer to his performances in Gandia and Marbella for two consecutive years, his participation in the festivals of Pilar in Zaragoza, in which was the only presentation of his show David Guetta & Friends in Spain and his solo show that took place in Benidorm during the summer 2016, that constituted the unique performance of the DJ as a solo, in the Iberian peninsula territory and was framed in its newly released NEW WORLD TOUR.

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