GOA is undoubtedly one of the most important reference brands in the national circuit. This is demonstrated by the fact that in November 2016 its career became 22 years of age. Surpassing the two decades of vital life. However, despite its age, GOA is far from just living a memory, it is a pioneering and subversive brand with character and its career is more alive than ever with its latest milestone that took place during November 2016, with performances by: Lindstrom, Kevin Yost, Peter Herbert, Oliver Huntmann, Martin Buttrich, Jay Lumen, and Derrick Carter. Lil Louis, Klangkuenstler, solardo and Emmanuel Satie.

Expansive’s role during this celebration was dual. On the one hand with promotional campaigns, sending all vital information to the mainstream media, both specific and general. And on the other hand, during the day of the event, expansive received the accredited media and participated in the organization of interviews to DJs for the subsequent elaboration of an after movie.

News of GOA

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