[PREMIERE] QTZLCTL on Thump Vice México

Thump Vice Mexico presents exclusively Gorka´s “Rapture” released on QTZLCTL.

Thump Vice Mexico was born in 2013 as the electronic music and culture channel of VICE and since then it has become a model for the rest of magazines in the sector with a great broadcasting.

Thump Vice Mexico presents exclusively Gorka´s “Rapture” released on QTZLCTL, a reflection on where this path leads, represented with the abrupt arrival of Doomsday through the figure of a monster: see the giant in the distance and know that when he arrives everything will change.


[NOTICIA] de Tortilla en Lamono Newspapper

Noticia/entrevista a los creadores de Tortilla.

[ENTREVISTA] de Patrice Bäumel (Mobilee) en Fiesta & Bullshit

Fiesta & Bullshit entrevista a Patrice Bäumel con motivo de su actuación en los eventos rooftop de Mobilee.

[ENTREVISTA] de Dennis Ferrer en Clubbingspain

Clubbingspain entrevista a Dennis Ferrer acerca de sus últimas novedades.

[NOTICIA] de Barraca en Fiesta & Bullshit

Fiesta & Bullshit se hace eco de la celebración del 52º Aniversario de Barraca.

[PREMIERE] de Stereo Productions en 8DAY

8DAY presenta en exclusiva “Da Da Dam” tema original de Chus & Ceballos y Oscar L para Stereo Productions.

[PODCAST] de Kevin Yost en DanceTrippin.TV

Kevin Yost, integrante de Dskonnect, firma el podcast 501 de DanceTrippin.TV.

[NOTICIA] GOA at Oci Magazine

Oci Magazine informa acerca del XXIII Aniversario de GOA.

[PODCAST] Lopezhouse on Summit Sessions USA

Lopezhouse firman un podcast para Summit Sessions USA.

[PODCAST] D-Formation en 8day Canada

D-Formation firma un podcast para 8day Canada.