Communication and Press


We want to be the voice of your project, with the intention of generating a positive image and increase it’s deserved value.

We work around your ideas and form part of your objectives and goals with enthusiasm. Through this, we promote your product throughout the media network, establishing contact with journalists and disseminators on a local, national and international level.

We consolidate and increase your brands reputation, by enhancing its visibility and most importantly avoiding rumours, resulting in you standing out against your competitors.

Our communications team are able to directly and easily synthesize the evolution of your project. In this way, the recipients feel identified with your ideas and develop a sense of belonging. 


Our Tasks include:

Our database contains more than 8,000 professional contacts. These are divided into groups according to specialties, provinces and countries.

Online and Offline media. TV, Radio, News Agencies, General Media, Agendas, Freelance Journalists, Trend Setters and Trend Magazines/Blogs. Lifestyle, Music, Society, etc.


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