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We’re an agency that specializes in the distribution, development and communication of musical and cultural projects.


Who we work with

Expansive works with some of the biggest brands in the cultural and musical industry. Huge events and festivals, international artists, media, record labels and top clubs are what form our roster of clients.



Sónar Lisboa


In April 2022, Sónar – the most respected festival of music and electronic/technological creativity in the world – expanded its borders again with a new edition in the Portuguese capital: Lisbon.

Charlotte de Witte, The Blaze, Thundercat, Polo & Pan, Floating Points, Jayda G, and Ellen Allien were just some of the artists in the line-up for this first edition in Lisbon. Expansive was in charge of the paid agreements with the Spanish media to carry out digital marketing strategies.



Patreon is a platform that allows artists and all kinds of creators, from illustrators to comedians, youtubers or podcasters, to have direct contact with their most loyal fans.

On one hand, the patreons pay a monthly subscription in exchange for exclusive content or access to the community and on the other hand, the creators have total creative control over their work and a guaranteed income. At Expansive we take care of the transcreation of Patreon’s website for the launch of its Spanish version.


Red Bull Nightlife

Nightlife is's digital channel where articles and reports about night leisure are made.




Beefeater Urban Summer was a new proposal by the spirits brand that, through the creation of an urban oasis, wanted you to forget about the beach.

Expansive took care of the musical curation, booking and artistic production of an eleven-day event where attendees were offered the best music with performances and live DJ sets, accompanied by delicious cocktails. A perfect proposal to enjoy Madrid during the hottest months of the year.


Entertainment One Music


eOne Music is the music division of this Canadian entertainment giant.

Its work ranges from production and recording through to artist management. Some of the artists that are part of its roster are: Bryant Myers, The Lumineers, Snoop Dogg, Wu Tang Clan, The Game, High on Fire, Brandy and K. Michelle.


The BPM Festival


The BPM Festival, which stands for “Bartenders, Promoters, Musicians” was created in 2008 and held in Playa del Carmen, Mexico until 2017 as a post-New Year’s gathering of industry professionals.

During that time it had grown to a ten-day festival with a 70,000+ global gathering of DJs, producers, revelers and industry professionals. A must for any music lover with a discerning taste for quality underground dance music, BPM parties were hosted during the day and night at multiple venues throughout the beach resort town. Since its inception The BPM Festival has expanded its footprint on the global dance scene and hosted several one-off events in leading dance music hotspots including Bali, Barcelona, Beirut, Brazil, Dubai, Ibiza, Mykonos, New York City, Toronto, Zurich and Portugal.


Bryant Myers


This young Puerto Rican artist is one of the great pioneers of the Trap Latino urban genre.

Not surprisingly, his deep voice has become the protagonist of the trend that unites Reggaeton and Trap in Latin America. His second album “Bendecido”, which has collaborations with other great artists from the scene such as Arcángel, Nicky Jam, Farruko, El Alfa, Rauw Alejandro, Zion & Lennox, reached # 1 on iTunes and Apple days after its release. Bryant Myers has reached 3 billion streams with his entire catalog of music.


Boris Brejcha


After four years of traveling/playing, three albums and a lot singles, Boris became a constant favorite in today´s club scene.

With his ambition and desire for new and experimental musical directions, he shows his audience again and again how exciting minimal techno can be – so much more than just simple. Boris created his own music genre “High-Tech Minimal“ in 2012. Boris has also created his own label called Fckng Serious. Together with his best friends Ann Clue and Deniz Bul they want to spread their idea of good music and serious parties around the globe.

The Agency

We are








You need to make yourself heard, to make sure your project reaches the right audience and to reach your goal: For people to enjoy what you’ve created. While you take care of developing your project, we’ll be in charge of being your voice, your communication channel to the outside world.

We are your voice

We spread your news among hundreds of professionals, we interact with them daily, we show them your music, we invite them to your events, we enhance your social networks, your positioning online...

We communicate with experience

We put at your disposal all of our experience, opening the appropriate doors and heading to the right places to make sure we increase your exposure and cover an essential need for the development of your project.

In love with our mission

We love culture and music so we’ve turned our passion into our work. That’s why we enjoy communicating, becoming part of our client’s projects and making your mission ours.



What do we do

Communication and press

We give voice and a positive image to your project whilst spreading its values. We increase the reputation of your brand, favoring its visibility, avoiding rumors and making it stand out from its competitors.

  • Strategy and consulting
  • Press management
  • Creative writing
  • Press accreditation
  • Media planning and purchase of advertising spaces
  • Organization of events and presentations
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Social media

We connect our customers with their target audience, taking full care of their image and message and differentiating their product from thousands of competitors. We love music and culture, so we know perfectly how to reach people who share these tastes.

  • Study and design of social networks
  • Planning and strategy development
  • Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads campaigns
  • Content creation and daily planning
  • Interaction and response to comments and private messages
  • Streaming of events
  • Email Marketing
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Design and creativity

We have more than 12 years of experience in the development of corporate identities, creativity and design in the music industry. Your image is the first thing customers will see of you. A good visual identity is the best cover letter for your brand.

  • Corporate identity
  • Design of flyers, social networks, merchandising
  • Advertisement campaigns
  • Newsletters
  • Creation of GIFs and animated videos
  • Photo shoots
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Project consultancy and development

We are backed by extensive experience working with leading brands in the sector. We have so much to contribute to your project, we have a clear idea of the different phases for its development and the keys that can turn it into success.

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Artistic production

Expansive has had many hours of work in the field of artistic production at huge events such as Dreambeach, Weekend Beach and Ron Barceló Desalia amongst many others.

  • Contracts
  • Consultancy
  • Logistics management
  • Technical supervision
  • Coordination of bookings, DJs, agencies, etc.
  • Stage managers
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Design and web development

We build exclusive and innovative websites that promote your brand’s image and values through a neat design and user’s experience.

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Our team

About us

Expansive is formed by a team of young and dynamic professionals, with versatility, experience and, above all, passion for their work.

Daniel Rodríguez

Director. Communication and Business Development

Fran Domingo

Director. Communication and Business Development

Tracy Arijón

Press and Copywriting

Carla Martín

Social Media

Abel Fernández

Graphic Design

Ángel Pérez

Web Development

Iván Olano

Web & Design

Katie Knight


Óscar Plaza


Moy Santana

Video by tv2beat

Virginia Pineda

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